Git and OSF links




Piloting emotional responses to pictures – Javscript code (jspsych) for piloting of emotional responses, including cool attention checks.

Categorization task – A javascript categorization task designed to examine categorization decisions based on responses to emotional stimuli. See project and paper.

Processing and Analysis (social media, neuro and other)  

Sentiment Analysis – Various ways to extract emotions from text using Vader and SentiStrength (python).

Python scripts for interaction with Twitter API (mostly created by Jonas Schoene).

Gnip Historical powerTrackAPI python – This code is helpful if you are trying to download historical data from Twitter using GNIP (adapted to python 3.5).

EEG pipeline (created by Andero Uusberg) –  data processing of erp using an emotional influence task.


Agent-Based Model of Collective Emotion – Simple agent-based model of emotional interaction based on the library ComplexNetworkSim (python 2.7).